/ˈfēldkraft/ - the tactical skill to operate stealthily and the methods and gear used to do so, which can differ during day or night and due to weather or terrain.

About US

veteran owned and operated

Fieldcraft has built a global outdoor and hunting brand engineered for action and functionality in the most demanding conditions on the planet. Tested and fielded in the artic landscapes of Norway and Canada, the misty mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the snow-capped Rockies, the endless plains of the mid-west to the flowing Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains on the East Coast all the way to the vast outback of Australia, the Himalayan mountains and everywhere in between. Where ever your adventure takes you, Fieldcraft has your back!”

Service to others

We strongly believe in service to our country and others so our company takes portions of every sale and donates to multiple charities serving veterans, children's hospitals and animal conservation efforts. We have provided links below so you can join us in supporting these worthy causes.


Equipped, configured and manned for a journey or excursion undertaken with the ability to conduct a variety of activities in different terrain, environments and conditions.

Our products are inherently expeditionary in nature; designed, developed, tested and fielded by people like you for people like you to be used in a variety of environments, conditions, missions and activities.

Research & Design

From the idea’s inception to manufacturing, each prototype undergoes thorough testing and evaluation throughout the lifecycle of the product. Design reviews and testing performance is evaluated against our performance criteria and standards. Constant reviews of our products ensure our products continue to meet our customers' requirements.


This rigorous test and evaluation system ensures our products exceed our requirements and goes beyond other products in the marketplace. Failure analysis, environmental testing (try the artic conditions in Norway for example) incorporate milspec and commercial industry standards. We even perform destructive testing on our products to replicate the most extreme field conditions (and because it’s fun to do!).

Our Gear is not just for hunting; its designed for any outdoor activities so much so that our products incorporate high quality features found in the most expensive mountaineering packs. Fieldcraft has designed, tested and produced gear for all your outdoor pursuits.

Field testing in Norway
Quality Control and Product Inspection

During and after manufacturing, we develop a unique quality control (QC) and inspection program for each product. Products are not the same nor should the testing and QC be the same either.

As a result we perform 100% inspections and funtion testing of each product, not random sampling which can be as low as 1%-5% of other company's QC/product inspections. This ensures our customers receive Fieldcraft quality products.